UX/UI Design

We developed a web-based booking system for children’s activities for SCL. Soccer Coaching Limited (SCL) is a leading provider of sports-based coaching and school clubs in the southeast of England. Its School Sports & Children’s Activities business provides holiday, breakfast, lunch and after-school clubs for under 12s, with sports at their core.

SCL had already received one specification for a proposed system. We conducted a series of workshops to understand what SCL needed, then produced a comprehensive system specs brought to life with screenshots and interactive demos of how everything would work.

Defining the UI

For the UI we conducted usability tests with our QA team; and research for other booking systems. We were constrained by the customer’s website. We had to base the design on their website’s look and feel. Still, we were able to suggest a few changes and improvements that did not compromise what the client wanted and the quality of the product.