Planet Cruise

I was assigned to the Online Booking System flow. I contributed in giving design insights for the Online Booking System. I redesigned components, and presented innovative user-centred designs to the Product & Design team.

Planet Cruise

Despite my contribution and design of different kind of experiments, I also worked giving design & methodology, and code integration insights.

Airport selection

Users could only know if their selected airport was available once they press continue, many of them abandoned the booking process.

Due to Cruise line’s API traffic constraints, we could not retrieve all data in one go, so I designed this solution, where the user selects an airport, and checks its availability.

Passenger selection

The redesign was required in order to categorise ages, and, offer discounts depending on the passengers selection.

Initially the system displayed radio buttons to select the number of passengers. I just designed interactive and easy to use controls for age selection.

The itinerary details menu

Previously, during booking process the users were able to only check limited holiday package information. Because of that, our customers abandoned the booking process, and check more details on the itinerary details page.

To help users find all the information they need, I designed a full screen tabbed menu. The perfect solution to display all the information; organised, clean, and easy to navigate.

Usability & conversion rate

When I started working at Iglu, the product and design team main target was to increase conversion by solving different issues of information architecture and usability.

Forms & fields design

Another successful experiment, reducing an average of 7 seconds to fill Contact details form. Previously 33 seconds to complete, 24 seconds to fill the new form, proving a considerable usability improvement.

Faster and efficient design integration method

Previously, I had to navigate to the live site, find the page or part that will be redesigned, download the page, edit on my computer, and send the final file to the development team.

After some months, we finally got access to the source control, and restructured the styles organisation. I also created a SASS library to solve the inline CSS, and the issue to edit styles among thousands of lines.