PC Subscription

PC Subscription

UX/UI Design

PC Subscription is a computer leasing platform, driven by the relationship between financial partner, regional resellers, premium products and recycler. The platform connects these key partners in order to maximise efficiencies. And each element is essential.

I played an important role in this project from start to finish. My work was focused on the look, feel and usability of the web-platform. I was responsible to ensure we create a high quality web based platform.


The challenge started when Opia collaborated with Microsoft and HP. The latter required for more features. As part of the development team, we had to provide a solution for our client’s needs, given the tight schedule.

Smart, simple quoting tool

The quoting tool will take less than 5 minutes to create a customer quote. It is able to search via existing customer, company’s house, or create a new customer.
Search for products easily or select from the product list— the platform will let you know the break-down of the subscription basket.

The CSS editor

I designed plenty of features; but, the CSS editor was one of our favourites! The web CSS Editor allows the administrator and the customer to customise the platform, by changing fonts, colours, and uploading custom pictures with a drag and drop tool with the basic CSS classes.