New Home Hub

New Home Hub

UI/UX & User interaction design

ULS Technology required an externally built and managed system, consolidating progress information from multiple stakeholders in the home selling process. Consuming ULS’s web services a database of home builders properties and their progress must be maintained to allow a home builders operational staff to monitor the sales progress of property sales.

My work for this project was mostly defining the UI and the user experience, working close with the development team and the stakeholders. ULS provided detailed specifications for the platform. Together, we discussed problems, concerns, suggestions, improvements, and solutions for different scenarios.

Defining the UI

Below are samples of the wireframes. On the dashboard, the user can see the different plots; and see the progress, status, and basic information. While the platform was progressing, I proposed to have a filter panel on the dashboard so we can locate different plots by plot number, progress, purchase solicitor, and status.